Just like a real movie theatre!

Can you tell what these are?

After a busy weekend of clearing and prepping the theatre we were finally ready to start installing our chairs.

These babies were delivered in a big truck from Atlanta, GA.  Before that we don’t know where they lived.  The used cinema seating world is way more clandestine than I’d ever expected, let me tell you that.  In fact the fella who sold them to us was so secretive about where the chairs were coming from I started to wonder if maybe they were pulled from some haunted theatre.  Probably everything is fine, but I will likely play up this angle down the road when we do a screening of The Tingler.

Here you see Tim and also Ken, the patron saint of this project.  He’s top notch.

There will be 200 seats plus some small couches in front, with long bar-style tables for each row.


I got comfy.

Where you currently see plywood and concrete the floors will be a dark red.  Picking out the paint gave me a funny kind of power trip.

Just 198 to go!