Now to get some butts in them.

Before we installed our new chairs we had to count out all the seat components — bottom and top cushions that vary from 19″, 20″ and 22″ widths, and the standards (otherwise known as those arm things) which come in a variety of sizes and angles — and map them out so they fit perfectly in our space.  That part was fun.  My favorite is writing out plans on pieces of plywood.  It makes me feel like a real contractor instead of a big wuss who wields a nail gun like someone’s grandma. Then the next step was to go through this super fun box of screws to find just the right sizes for all 200 seats.

By the end of the day  yesterday we’d laid out all the seats and installed about half of them.

We worked on a mockup of the table too.  This is a little narrower than the final tables will be, and are of course unfinished.  They are just the right height to have a pitcher of beer within easy reach, but still not block the view of the screen.  Heavenly.

Another view of the progress from the balcony.  Getting that space souped up and open is in the plans for down the road…