Renovations have begun (in earnest)!

The 5 Points Theatre will always be the 5 Points Theatre.  Except it hasn’t always been, right?  We’re talking here about a building that opened first as the Riverside Theatre in 1927, then was renamed the 5 Points about mid-century.  That doesn’t explain the fancy molding that says “PST,” which we can only assume means Park Street Theatre, but suffice it to say this is a building that has gone through many names and incarnations.  Its latest?  Sun-Ray Cinema at 5 Points, a cinema that features blockbusters films to subsidize smaller fare and, beginning in 2012, handmade pizzas delivered to your seat.

At first, this blog will be an attempt to capture some of the excitement and invigoration we here at Sun-Ray Cinema are feeling as we transform the space into the neighborhood gem that it could — and should — be.  Here we’ll share photos and updates with the community that has rallied to support us and, once we get up and running (more on that later) this space will be a source for information about upcoming events.

Here’s what the theatre looked like shortly after its closing on 11/1/11:

First we pulled out all those chairs so they could go back to the dentist office waiting room they came from:

Then up came the carpet:

Isn’t it crazy how the floors are now the same color as the walls?  We’d always wondered what to call that paint color.  Maybe “old adhesive ecru” fits?

Soon enough, those light-reflecting walls will be covered with dark pleated fabric, surely sad news to those moviegoers who like to read a book while they take in a movie.

After many hours and some sore muscles we’ve got a decent raw space to work with.

Tim’s sitting on a pile of lumber that will be turned into risers, the solution that addresses the “Excuse me there is a very tall man with a large hat sitting in front of me,” conundrum that faces owners of a theatre with a completely flat floor.

Pictures of those, as well as our new seats, will come with our next update!