“Best Documentary of 2011”

That’s what Tim says about DRAGONSLAYER, anyhow.  I am truly jazzed to see this film, which is a portrait of Josh “Skreech” Sandoval, an incredibly amusing dude who spends all of his time surreptitiously draining swimming pools and skateboarding in them.  A friend who knows this character told me about a time when Skreech wanted to avoid further injuring his broken hand while skating in a big competition, and had the brilliant idea of holding a Barbie doll in the hand with the cast on it.  It’s funny to imagine this guy skating, falling, and holding up the doll like a trophy.

You’ll only have one day to catch it, so cancel whatever entirely less fun thing you have going on tomorrow.

Saturday December 18th

5:00 PM and 9:30 PM

$2 PBR tallboys!