Shalom Sr. Almodovar

“Naches” is a yiddish word that means pride, but not just any pride: the special kind of pride that a parent feels over his or her child’s achievement.  I’m wondering if my peeps have a word for the feeling of seeing a movie I’ve been looking forward to, but on our own screen, in our own theatre.  Can I just call it naches?  Thanks, Bubbeleh.

THE SKIN I LIVE IN opens Friday, January 6th with showtimes at 4:30 and 10:00.  THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO continues at 1:30 and 7:00.

Just yesterday we had a great meeting with the folks over at Sweet Pete’s in Springfield.  Many patrons have noticed that we’re creating our menu slowly and thoughtfully and this partnership is our newest effort on that front.  We chose to work with Sweet Pete’s because they make some of the best candy I’ve ever tasted and of course they make it right here in town.  They also focus their attention — like we plan to do — on using the most natural and high quality ingredients available.  Plus they have the cutest freaking store ever.






After an utterly grueling tasting session (the most fun I’ve had since those angels over at Bold City  stopped by with growlers for us to test out) we settled on milk and white chocolate bars, sea salt caramels (!), peanut butter meltaways, and — to tie in with our citrusy logo — orange blossom chocolate pieces.








This only makes our concession stand MORE dangerous, especially with the recent addition of wasabi peas, roasted almonds, and delicious Tokyo Mix to the roster.  Check it out this weekend.










And our pizza oven just got delivered!!!  More to come on the installation of the kitchen soon…