Best Seat in the House

Here’s a sneak peek at the seating chart that will be posted soon on the entrance to the auditorium. We hear all the time about what a marked improvement sitting in a for real movie theatre seat has upon patrons’ experiences, which is really gratifying since we installed those seats with our own two hands and those of a few loyal helpers whose free popcorn still hasn’t run out. Needless to say I feel pretty connected to our chairs!

A little trick of the trade — not all the seats are EXACTLY the same size. Depending upon the length of each row the seats vary a tiny bit with three sizes with a couple of inches difference each. I could have sat around with a calculator and graph paper for a week and would probably have decided to forego rows and lay the seats out in a heart shape just to be cute and cover up for my weak math skills. Tim though, adding to the list of New Things You Do to Impress Me, somehow calculated which chairs (’cause we bought them used and had to make do with what we had) would fit where and laid them all out. Consummate professional.

Another trick of the trade: hire great artists and graphic designers to pour beer and scoop popcorn. Clay Doran knows how to use his downtime wisely.

Standard seats are totally comfortable (and no one would call my rear end small). Deluxe are a couple of inches bigger and Super Deluxe have enough room for me to curl up my legs underneath me. So show up early and scope out what YOU think are the best seats in the house. Just keep your feet off the tables please.

And just for fun, a trailer for the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. Opening at Sun-Ray March 9. I’m going to try to see every screening.