Haunted Parking Lot?


I guarantee, there are no ghosts in our parking lot.  In fact it would seem that no one, from this life or the great beyond, is there.  Ever.

I hesitate to tell you about our parking lot because it appears to be one of 5 Points’ absolute best kept secrets, and I love that I can always always find a space.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that keeping ample parking a clandestine matter is exactly good for business so I’m going to spill the beans  here.


There, I said it.  Here’s a photo of what our parking lot looked like at 6:55 on a Friday night, just a few minutes before the start of our well attended evening show of THE AVENGERS.

Tim and I worked our tushies off and took a few extra classes in legalese to ensure that patrons of the theatre have free and unrestricted use of this lot and yet it goes totally underutilized.  In fact, on St. Patrick’s Day when everything that could be perceived as a parking space on every side street surrounding 5 Points was parked bumper to bumper our lot basically looked like it does in the photo above.

It is a short walk, through a lovely flowery arbor and around the corner past a vintage clothing store to get to our front door from this lot.  I am in this area all the time, much later at night than the average patron would be, and I have never experienced so much as the odd panhandler (who by the way are not so much terrifying as they are poor, so let’s all get a reality check here) much less any crime.

And it can’t be our signage.  This 8’x4′ sign should allay any misplaced concerns about towing or other riffraff:

So seriously folks, give our parking lot a chance.  It’ll save you time and hassle of driving around 5 Points while missing precious previews and you’ll totally look like you’re in the know.  Because you will be.