New Construction and Yummy Specials

Joe Gaskin is no dummy.  His tasty vegan cupcakes are already a hit at Chamblin’s, and so the day after he visited the theatre to chow down on a RiNOTta pizza he showed up with samples of his lemon, maple, and chocolate concoctions and asked if we’d be interested in selling them.  After watching two employees nearly have a fistfight over the last cupcake we decided to start stocking every Friday for the weekend.  Get ’em while they last, which is never very long.  Lemon is my favorite.

Also a few new housemade treats that we have featured on our specials board:

Boiled Peanuts — $3

Hot Wings — $8

Sandwich Special: spicy portobello mushroom, coleslaw, swiss cheese and roasted pepper pressed on Bakery Moderne ciabatta (absolutely delicious…. doesn’t photograph so well)– $8

Our newest project?  Installing a dutch door on our ticket booth so it can be easily converted to a pizza takeout window on Friday and Saturday nights.   Hot slice after last call?  We are on it.  Stay tuned!

Oh, and today our goofy preshow convinced this very nice lady that she’d accidentally brought her kids to an entirely different Avengers movie.   I haven’t gotten to check out the film, but is the movie Thor really better than this dude?