North Florida Veg Fest and Kung Fu

If you’re craving some of our signature riNOTta (vegan ricotta cheese) or Queso for your own at home cooking experiments visit the Community Loaves table at the Northeast Florida Veg Fest in Riverside Park this Saturday, November 3.

The riNOTta is especially good for people who are new to cheese substitutes because it can be used — and tastes — exactly like ricotta in your favorite baked pasta dish, and we serve it at Sun-Ray on our vegan pizzas.  RiNOTta pizzas are probably one of our most popular takeout items and it feels pretty awesome to know that someone drove a half hour just to get a pizza from a movie theatre.

We went through a few different versions of Vegan Queso and ended up settling on one based closely on that of one of my favorite vegan bloggers/home cooks Lindsay Nixon, otherwise known as The Happy Herbivore.  This stuff is absolutely amazing.  I love it on steamed veggies, baked potatoes, macaroni, and of course our nachos.

I wrote to Lindsay to get her OK on using a variation of her recipe and she not only complimented the changes we made (which felt pretty cool) she offered to send along copies of her two cookbooks Everyday Happy Herbivore and The Happy Herbivore as raffle prizes for folks who visit the Community Loaves booth at VegFest.  Limited quantities of both the riNOTta and Vegan Queso will be available for a modest five bucks.

The thing I’m most excited about at Veg Fest though is a live cooking demonstration by this guy.

After Veg Fest stop by for our newest flick, THE MAN WITH THE IRON FIST.  Rza looks like he really enjoys having iron fists.