Naughty and Nice Xmas

We are full of Christmas spirit at Sun-Ray, and maybe some Christmas angst too.  In the next couple of weeks we have opportunities for those with all kinds of sensibilities to come by and celebrate in the hap-happiest theater of all.

December 23  WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954)

Tickets are $9 or $12 including your choice of cocoa, cider or mulled wine…. and maybe even a holiday singalong!

December 24 Playing Hooky with Quentin Tarantino

A day-long celebration of distinctly non-holiday films from QT leading up to his highly anticipated new feature.






Tickets are $7.50 each for the matinee shows and $9 for evening shows.  A full day pass is available for $20 for INGLORIOUS BASTERDS through JACKIE BROWN though separate admission is required for DJANGO.

I’m just going to be straight up and say Christmas sucks for me.  In our house growing up Christmas was entirely verboten.  We tried to have fun by going to video arcades and eating Chinese food on the big day, but as the only Jews on the block in a predominantly Irish/Italian Long Island town that time of year was generally a freaking bummer.  As an adult I spent a couple of years trying to elbow in on Christmas, buying a tree and shopping for gifts but I always end up feeling like Jack Skellington in THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, not getting anything quite right, and by this year I am resigned to this idea that I haven’t really earned a Christmas because I don’t go to church.

So this year I’m really happy to have something to do.  All I could ever want for Christmas is a day-long movie marathon in our very own theatre, packed out with folks who want to do escape the holiday hustle and relax for a few (or a lot of) hours.

Plus, JACKIE BROWN has to be one of my favorite movies of all time.  I’m always surprised when people tell me it’s the one Quentin Tarantino movie they haven’t seen.  Maybe I’ve got a whacked sense of love but I’ll be darned if that is not one of the most romantic movies I can think of.