Since opening Sun-Ray Cinema in December of 2011 we have weathered the ebbs and flows of the Hollywood release schedule, mixing first run blockbusters with smaller independent films within the limitations of a single screen theatre, a model that was wildly popular in 1927 when the cinema was originally built but become an anomaly since the advent of the multiplex.

Looking at Hollywood’s release schedule for April fills us with dread.  Since we put our proverbial eggs in one basket every time we choose a new movie our goal is always to screen the best of what’s out there.  Frankly, April looks like a really bum month for new releases leaving us with a crummy decision to make:  Should we play films we can’t get behind?  Or is there another option?

As the bold new theatre in a bold new city, we’ve taken matters in our own hands.  For the month of April Sun-Ray Cinema offers a head-spinning array of programming with series like Alfred (Hitchcock) in April, four Hitchcock films including a 3-D screening of his classic DIAL M FOR MURDER, a LORD OF THE RINGS Marathon of all three films plus a seven course menu of hobbit themed vittles, and the 2011 Oscar winner THE ARTIST with a live score.

Check out our dizzying  menu of films below:

Life is Good:  The Stevie Stiletto Story April 1 7PM Stevie Nicks: In your Dreams April 2nd 7:15
Evil Dead April 4th 9:30
Evil Dead II April 5th 9:30
Army of Darkness April 6th 9:30
56 Up April 5th -One Week Only
The We and The I April 5th- One Week Only
Quintron and Miss Pussycat- April 8th 8p.m.
Vertigo April 9th 7:00p.m. April 14th 1p.m.
Dial M For Murder 3-D April 12th-One Week Only
Somebody Up There Likes Me April 12- One Week Only
Gorge of the Rings- April 13th
5 Broken Cameras- April 14th 4p.m.
Don’t Stop Believing- April 15th 7:15p.m.
Mateo Garrone’s Reality April 19th-One Week Only
A Place At The Table April 21st 4p.m.
Bidder 70 April 22nd 7p.m.
Psycho April 23rd 7p.m. April 28th 1p.m.
Room 237 April 26th- One Week Only
The Shining April 26th 7p.m. Upstream Color April 26th One Week Only
The Artist with Live Score April 27th 7p.m April 28th 4p.m.
Leviathan April 29th 7p.m. Shadow of a Doubt April 30th 7p.m.
You can of course catch any or all of these fim

Ticket prices are $9 for adults, $7 for seniors/students/military/teachers for our evening screenings at $7.50/$7 for matinees with the exception of THE ARTIST which will be $12.50.

Considering spending a good chunk of April at Sun-Ray?  Maybe one of these passes will be appealing:

Evil Dead Necropass — all three films in the Evil Dead Trilogy — $15

All Work and No Play Double Feature — The Shining and Room 237 on April 26 — $12.50

Gorge of the Rings — Tickets ONLY to all three Lord of the Rings Films (feast tickets sold separately, TBA) — $20

Alfred (Hitchcock) in April — includes Dial M for Murder, Psycho, Shadow of a Doubt and Vertigo — $20

Everything Under the Sun-Ray — covers every show in the month of April, PLUS a free small popcorn at each screening — $99

Tickets are available online except for the Everything Under the Sun-Ray pass which must be purchased at the box office beginning Monday (we take your photo and everything!!!!)


Check here and on our Facebook page for updates.  I can’t wait to see 56 UP Friday!

56 Up