Much Ado About Pizza

All week I’ve restrained from making goofy jokes to alleviate my nervousness that Jacksonville wouldn’t respond to a black and white Shakespeare film directed by a man best known for Sci-Fi Soap Opera mashup television shows. You know, “This film had better turn out to be Much Ado About Something,” et cetera.

But here we are at D-Day (Do-Day?) with some fantastic crowds and I’m so comfortable now that I’m naming pizzas after the movie. I present for your viewing and salivating pleasure our special this week, the Much Ado About Pizza!! Fresh mozzarella (or not, see below…), artichoke and basil…

Here’s the fantastic part though: the pizza in these photographs is topped with our brand new, long awaited NOTzarella! Yeah, we totally serve this pizza with big glops of fresh mozzarella for our dairy loving friends but for the vegan, lactose intolerant, or just plain adventurous crowd we are delighted to offer our new house-made cashew based, non-dairy NOTzarella. Can you tell how much I love typing that? NOTzarella?

Alas, word play abounds at this, the cavernous theatre of light and shadow. Isn’t that what The Bard would say? Or maybe simply, “Nom nom.”