Merchy Makeover!

I LOVE SUMMER!  It means spending afternoons at the theatre with Tim making big batches of Crystal Meth Blue Ice Rock Candy for our screening of the new season of Breaking Bad at 9PM this Suuuuuuuunday August 11, and so on for the last eight episodes.  How excited am I?  Pictures of the stash to come; we want to have a proper photoshoot with masks and suits, does anyone have some we can borrow?  In the meantime here’s a photo from a recent cook.

I’m here at the theatre working on a new batch in the wee small  hours (dang is this theatre fun creepy haunted feeling at 4:15AM), listening to the gospel hour on our little radio, keeping First Coast News company while they shoot a morning spot on location at a movie theatre.  Hey, we’re a movie theatre!!!!  I’ve always been afraid of candymaking but it’s actually kind of fun.  I feel like a scientist with this big honking candy thermometer,  and then I’ll have candy afterwards — win win.

I thought this would also be a good time to share photos of another one of the fun summer projects around these parts lately — MERCHANDISE MAKEOVER!

We now have all our limited edition hand pulled and generally gorgeous posters that are available for purchase at our fine concession stand arranged together.  A few pieces date to the way way back, so it’s pretty fun (and I gotta say, makes my eyes tear a smidgen) to look at them all in one place.  It also displays our snazzy t-shirt selection.  I’m almost done, I just want to put a display baby doll in this adorably tiny onesie.

Two of my favorites are this Hedwig Poster, designed by Aesthetic Apparatus, and the Haxan, a collaboration by our buddies Sean Tucker and Clay Doran (that one hangs over the couch at home!).

I’ve also got a soft spot for this 2,000 Maniacs R. Land jobbie.  I’m nuts about how it’s cut out around the edges, and I have such fond memories from that show, throwing hay bales in front of the screen at the San Marco Theatre.  Gooood times y’all.  Good times.