What would Ingrid eat?

A few weeks ago Tim, Thomas Tooke (Sun-Ray kitchen elf and culinary explorer extraordinaire) and I watched CASABLANCA, our Valentine’s Day pick, seeking inspiration for a three course menu. This kind of research is among my favorite of my responsibilities at Sun-Ray and previous food-and-film pairings have provided plenty of food for thought: THE GODFATHER, TAXI DRIVER and every other flick we’ve tried all have at least a few scenes at a lunch table.

I won’t even go into that the viewing confirmed my memory of CASABLANCA as way more bummer than romantic — unrequited love just isn’t my thing — but it revealed what I can only describe as a serious lack of nutrition going on among ex-pats in wartime Morocco. The only food anyone at Rick’s seems to eat is caviar, which is not practical in our $20 prix fixe menu. They do, however, seem to order a lot of champagne cocktails! The only reason I can imagine that Ingrid and Humphrey are able to stand upright by the end of the film is that they don’t seem to actually DRINK their beverages, they just leave them on the table while they run off to deal with whatever crisis has arisen.

Anyway, despite this unrealistic diet plan we at Sun-Ray have the makings of a delicious three course menu. Working out the recipes this weekend has been utterly delightful. On the right is our Texas Caviar, a black eyed pea salad that will be served as part of the Hummus Looking At You Platter (note: Tim does not think this name is not at all funny and I want to publicly acknowledge my hearty appreciation of his willingness to include my stupid sense of humor on the menu).

The main course is your choice of Moroccan Spiced Meat Pizza or Roasted Garlic Cashew Pesto with Moroccan Vegetable Pizza. Both are indescribably delicious.

Next on my to-do list for today is to finalize the World War II era recipe for our champagne cocktail. Life cannot remotely be described as tough right now.