And on the 1100th Day, Sun-Ray Rested

We’ve noticed that phone has been ringing a bit more than usual here at the Sun-Ray box office. One of the questions we get frequently is “Will you be open on….” In terms of being open on holidays (or Sundays or Mondays or whatever) we feel that movie theatres are held by the public to the same standards as institutions like hospitals: we are pretty much here when you need us. Like, every single day, 365 days a year. Throughout our construction of our second auditorium, whether a matinee with one sole audience member or a sold out opening night blockbuster, we have been ready to show a film on any day Jacksonville wants to see one.

We will mark our third anniversary at the beginning of December, and on our 1099th consecutive day of business we will be closing the doors for a FULL DAY on Monday, December 15, for the very first time. Our staff has grown from three to ten (including two of those original three, Clay Doran and Ryan Johnson who helped us open the doors and stuck it out this whole time) and we’ve planned a little celebration to show our appreciation for our fantastic crew and mark this special milestone.

But don’t worry movie friends, we haven’t forgotten about you. In December we have big plans to give back a bit by screening six holiday classics, and should-be-classics for FREE. Here’s the schedule:


It’s been a country minute since we broke out our 3D glasses but an opportunity has arisen that we simply had to share. We hope you’ll join us at some time during the run of two films that demonstrate markedly different use of this technology. On December 12 we will open EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS, the latest Ridley Scott action packed Hollywood blockbuster of biblical proportions and source material as well as GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE, a film that explores “time, light, color, and cinema itself” from the perspective of Jean-Luc Godard, a director who has spent his 83 years working tirelessly outside of that studio system, choosing in this film to embrace technology not typically associated with independent filmmaking to ensconce us in his dazzling, one-of-a-kind images.