Cash Is King


The way small businesses choose to handle credit card sales is something Tim and I can’t help but observe. There are the cash registers with little signs that list a minimum purchase price for credit card use, and then the growing number of shops – especially in bigger cities – that are cash only.   There are businesses like us who use the same credit card processors as giant retailers and those who roll the dice and go with a startup business that allows them to take payments using a little swipe machine plugged into a smartphone.

In 2015 we spent around $22,000 to process credit cards. It’s a service that we feel strongly we need to provide for customers, even on a $1 refill purchase.   Instead of setting a negative tone with customers by saying, “No, we don’t take credit cards,” or requiring a minimum purchase that prevents folks from getting what they need when they need it, we’d rather incentivize the use of cash.

Sun-Ray Cinema is proud to launch the Cash is King Card. It’s a punch card that can be used with every cash purchase of movie tickets. After ten film purchases the card holder earns two free tickets plus a large popcorn. Pick yours up at the concession stand and we’ll even store it for you at the counter for your convenience. It ain’t frequent flyer miles or mad points to spend on a snazzy new toaster, but you can use the tickets yourself or share them with friends or family and know that you’re supporting what Sun-Ray feels we do best – make it fun to go to the movies again.