“No Talking” Trailer Showdown

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Now accepting submissions for Sun-Ray’s first ever “No Talking” Trailer Showdown!

Help explain how-we-do at your favorite movie theatre and have a chance to see your little video on the big screen, along with the opportunity to win tickets and cash money.  

Technical Specs:  Approximately 45 seconds (and definitely no more than 60).  You’ll need to submit files in DCP, both flat and scope. Visit https://dcpomatic.com/ for a handy dandy program that’ll help you make that happen!

Deadline:  November 20, 2018

How to submit: Via dropbox to tim@sunraycinema.com along with the first and last name and phone number of the filmmaker.

Guidelines: We aim to make Sun-Ray the very best place to see a movie.  To meet that lofty goal there are a few bits of etiquette to which everyone’s gotta be hip.   Your trailer needs to convey, in your own creative and unique way, the following information:

  • Don’t talk or text during the movie.  Turn off your phone and put it away for the entire film.  It glows, everyone can see it.
  • No outside food or beverage are allowed.  If you ordered something to eat, please leave your table locator in front of you so we can quickly find you to run your food to your seat.
  • Let the Sun-Ray staff know right away in the unlikely event there is any issue that prevents you from totally enjoying the movie, whether there’s a noisy customer or issue with picture or sound or your food.  We will fix the issue.
  • Tables are for food, not for your feet.

Trailers submitted by finalists will play before features from December 1 – December 31st. Moviegoers at those shows will have the chance to rate the trailer they see; the video with the highest overall rating wins.


First Place: $450 cash money

Second Place:  An Everything Under the Sun-Ray Pass to attend all regular screenings in 2019 (plus popcorn and beverage)

Third Place:  $50 Sun-Ray gift card

Any questions?  Email Shana at shana@sunraycinema.com

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