It’s a Jolly Holiday at Sun-Ray

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The magic of Mary Poppins was, for me, always in that music.  Minor chord waltzes played on an accordion by Dick Van Dyke would send me headlong into a sidewalk chalk landscape come alive.  While the melody of a Spoonful of Sugar sounded cloying to me even as a six year old, nothing could stop me from singing it while pointing emphatically to toys scattered on the floor, hoping they would miraculously put themselves away.  A lullaby that implored my overtired ears to “stay awake,” — genius! And then the crown jewel, a reverent, sweepingly orchestrated piece about caring for those among us whose circumstances make it difficult to fend for themselves, Feed the Birds was, according to Walt Disney both his favorite song and a metaphor for what he thought life was “all about.”  

Stop in early for select screenings of Mary Poppins Returns starring Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda (who said in a recent interview, by the way, he straight up never saw the original film past the bird woman song as a child because that scene would reduce him to tears) and enjoy a cabaret style set that includes a medley of Christmas favorites and classics from the 1965 Academy Award Winning score by the Sherman brothers.  Singing along not required, but certainly encouraged.

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Monday, December 24, 12:45

Tuesday, December 25,  3:45PM