Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

We want to give a big thanks to the nine filmmakers, 1,882 moviegoers and 18 employees who helped make the No Talking Trailer Showdown happen!  All of our fantastic trailers were screened over 31 days in front of every film on a schedule packed with blockbusters, holiday classics, and some of the very best limited release cinema of the year (if you haven’t seen BORDER you straight up missed out in 2018).   It was a heck of a way to wrap things up.

There are three winners based upon highest average audience score.  We also added an additional category, Sunny Ray’s Choice Award, for a trailer that really caught our eye here at Sun-Ray HQ.

First Place:

A Message from the CBC, by Nick Solorzano

Second Place:

Rules, by Zane Hall

Third Place:

80’s, by Adam Madrid


Sonny Ray’s Choice:

Movie Moth, by Emery Bowden