Difficult Decisions

From New York Magazine: The show-must-go-on principle is a powerful one….  It’s time to close. Opera, theater, movies… these places of leisure are vectors for accelerating the spread of a disease that takes advantage of the human instinct to get on with life no matter what… The question is not what behavior will make any one person less likely to get sick; it’s what policy decisions will protect public health and civil society, even at the expense of self-interest and economic stability…. The evidence suggests that the choice is not between a shutdown and no shutdown; it’s between shutting things down now, when the disease is still relatively rare in our area, or waiting until more people have died, the virus has propagated further, and the medical system starts to be overburdened.”

It has become clear that Sun-Ray Cinema will need to implement a partial facility closure plan.  We have continued to update our community on the tracking of COVID-19 in our area and best practices to ensure the safety of the moviegoers and crew that make Sun-Ray what it is.  It is with only their interest in mind that we have decided to suspend all film programming and shut down the auditoriums and lobby indefinitely, starting tomorrow.

If you have purchased tickets for any upcoming shows our policy is to offer passes to any other screening.  If you need us to modify that policy for you under these extraordinary circumstances please contact us directly via phone or email.

The Pizza Cave! anticipates being open for lunch and dinner service only from 4PM – 9PM.  As always, phoned in pick-up orders are an option but we don’t mess with delivery services anymore because quite frankly they messed up more of our guests’ meals than they got right (but that’s a rant for another day).

We know you will stay home if you or a household member is unwell.  We will continue to avoid sharing misinformation or using it to direct our decisions, as the unfolding “infodemic” makes this real risk even more dangerous with every day.  Thank you for doing the same in helping us mitigate both disruption of our lives and transmission of a very real public health threat.