While Sun-Ray slumbered we dreamed.  

We dreamed of ways to welcome you back after months of closure.

Elaborate plans for a complex time, carefully woven, capturing fantasies of escaping to the movies again.

We’re ready for you.  But it’s going to be different.  

What do we call this liminal state, this limited capacity operation?  

And with which film do we begin?  

Your answer is:


Please read all details of our limited reopening carefully before committing to ticket purchase, as failure to follow these guidelines may result in you being asked to leave without refund.


Any moviegoers who want to see a new release  in a theatre capped at 20% capacity (more conservative than the 50% currently mandated in FL)  that has been open to small groups since June 1 with a time tested and comprehensive protocol to minimize exposure to Covid-19.  It’s not for people who think Covid-19 is a hoax, something other than a serious public health threat, or who intend to give the Sun-Ray Cinema staff any kind of eyeroll, groan or story when asked to wear a face covering in the lobby and facilities.


Tickets are NOT available at the door.  You must purchase in advance online at Sun-Ray Cinema’s website and via our app.  To minimize customer flow and activity in our lobby please do plan to avoid buying tickets in person, at the theatre.


$10 each.  We are sorry, but discounts for this show are not available at this time due to the nature of operating at an extremely limited capacity..


The low volume of tickets Sun-Ray is offering keeps crowds from gathering in the lobby, so you may enter the front doors of the theatre as normal up to 20 minutes before the scheduled showtime.  Any customers who are able should use the side doors to exit the auditorium directly to the Margaret Street parking lot at the end of the show instead of leaving through the lobby.

The auditorium will be selling to 20% capacity, and with reserved seating only.  You will be able to select ahead of time where you and the members of your ticketed group sit in the auditorium.  Anyone outside your party will be seated no closer than 6’ from your seat as our point of sale system will automatically place a two seat buffer on either side of you once you purchase your tickets. 


The very limited number of tickets and scheduling allows Sun-Ray to commit to these standards:

*A low volume electrostatic cold fogger gun is used with a CDC recommended virucide on all seating and touchpoints between screenings with our enhanced cleaning protocol.Our HVAC system is now outfitted with UV-C light filters that are recommended by the CDC to kill Covid-19.

*All Sun-Ray Cinema staff wear face coverings for the entirety of their shifts, and have committed to social distancing protocol outside of work hours.  Our small team is monitored for flu-like symptoms and scheduling decisions are made in the interest of avoiding serving as a vector for the spread of Covid-19.

*Every ticket purchaser will be required to affirm that if they or anyone in their party have symptoms of or possible exposure to Covid-19 on the day of their show they will contact Sun-Ray to be rescheduled, and that all ticketholders wear a face covering during the entirety of their visit to Sun-Ray with the exception of when they are seated in the auditorium.  Customers who enter the lobby without a face mask will be sent to retrieve theirs.  Anything resembling refusal to comply when requested to wear a face covering, at any time, demonstrates that Sun-Ray Secure Screenings are not the right fit for your party and you may be asked to leave immediately, without refund.

*In addition to the seat buffer zone, Sun-Ray will install and maintain social distancing floor markings in common areas and sanitizing stations throughout the building.

*Sun-Ray has committed to continued development and modification of health safety protocols as directed by the CDC and WHO and National Association of Theatre Owners (the other NATO) as understanding of the risk factors and spread of Covid-19 evolves.  


Heck yes, our full food and beverage menu is available for purchase and seatside delivery at every single show.


Our private auditorium rental program Sun-Ray On Demand is continuing with screenings in our secondary auditorium at 50% capacity for guests who wish to have the theatre all to themselves for screenings of Tenet or many other films.  Book a spot by emailing
Our Virtual Screening Room brings small releases at the heart of Sun-Ray’s mission right to your living room or laptop.  Check our website’s landing page for information on title selections and how to stream.