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July 9 - July 15

“A truly extraordinary artist…Lydia Lunch continues to write sentences so ballistically perfect, so lethally designed, that they always hit their targets — and with deadly effect.” — Anthony Bourdain

In 2017, confrontational multi-media artist Lydia Lunch and filmmaker Beth B joined forces to create LYDIA LUNCH The War Is Never Over the first career-spanning documentary retrospective of Lunch’s confrontational, acerbic and always electric artistry. In this moment where the desire for powerfully independent and challenging female figures are in the spotlight, this is the ideal time to be acquainted with Lunch, the psycho-sexual transgressive who forged a vocabulary of rare emotional honesty, philosophy and humor.

In this time of endless attacks on women, of ceaseless war, the film is a story about anyone who has felt that their voice has not been heard, that they have a mouth that they cannot scream from. It is a rallying cry to acknowledge the only thing that is going to bring us together –ART as the universal salve to all of our traumas.

​Lydia Lunch hit late seventies New York City with the killer instincts of a born survivor. Having escaped a disrupted childhood, her refusal to submit to anyone’s will led her to forge her own reality on stage with the unprecedented brutality of Teenage Jesus And The Jerks — a central pillar of the No Wave scene and a legendary name to this day — laying waste to audiences and making her a lightning rod for the alienated spirits of the age. Having collaborated with a diverse collective of artists, writers and musicians including Alan Vega (Suicide), Hubert Selby Jr., and Nick Cave, Lunch inspired future luminaries such as Nicolas Jaar, L7, and Sonic Youth, who would embrace Lunch as the violent heartbeat of their art/music rebellion.

In 1984, she penned the subversive and prescient spoken word piece, “Daddy Dearest”, defying the gag order and spoke out about the sexual abuse she suffered as a young girl at the hands of her father. Forty years ahead of her time, Lunch spoke out about breaking the cycle of violence against women and children who have been compelled to hide the truth for fear of being re-victimized for speaking out. With the current explosion of women stepping out of their silence regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, Lydia continues to expose the patriarchy, sexual abuse, the cycle of violence, and corporate greed with stubborn resistance.


July 9
July 15