Oct 28, 2014

Film Noir at its bleakest! 1947’s Nightmare Alley starring innocent heartthrob Tyrone Power. He was desperate to portray a character a bit on the seedier side and boy oh boy he found it in Stan Carlisle. 

“A soul blistering tour of third-rate Depression-era carnival life and the “spook racket.” ‘Protagonist’ Stan Carlisle is a handsome young man in a low-level carny job who is driven at first by lust and then by the burning ambition to make it big. Coolly conning nearly everyone who crosses his path, Stan makes his way up, up, up as a bogus clairvoyant and on to the heights as a religious charlatan. But he meets his match in a high-end grifter even more cold-blooded than he is. Stan’s fall is fast and far and horrific.”- Lady’s Eve Reel Life

We present a rather rare screening of Nightmare Alley in 35MM courtesy of Criterion Pictures. A local mentalist will take the stage after the film to peer into each and every mind in the audience.

Screens Tuesday October 28th at 7p.m. Tickets on sale now.http://14438.formovietickets.com:2235/