Mar 26, 2016

“After Wakefield Poole’s movies, mine are unnecessary and a little naive, don’t you think?” -Andy Warhol when asked by the NY Times why he stopped making movies like My Hustler and Lonesome Cowboys.

On March 26th we will be celebrating the life/work of a Jacksonville man who grew up here in the fifties, left town, toured with the Ballet RusseS, choreographed on Broadway, hung out with Liza and ended up making quite the name for himself with the creation of two gay art-house blue movies, Boys in the Sand and Bijou. Well, it turns out that Mr. Poole retired here and he will be joining us for a very special screening of his film Bijou from 1972. A film that screened at Telluride, Berlin and the Tel Aviv Festivals.

Also joining the party is another gay film-making maverick, Bruce LaBruce, who found Poole to be an early inspiration. LaBruce and Poole will be chatting about Poole’s life and career all while Bijou rolls by (Talkies style). After the screening, LaBruce will introduce his 1997 film, Hustler White which Boston Globe referred to as “Andy Warhol meets Robert Altman on LA’s Santa Monica Boulevard.”

Bijou screens at 7p.m. & Hustler White at 9p.m. You can see just Bijou for $10 or the price for the double feature is only $14. For tickets:

Here is a cute clip from the upcoming documentary on Wakefield Poole. Be on the lookout for two upcoming interviews with Mr. Poole in the Folio Weekly and the Florida Times Union.