Brad and Benny Make a Bet

Oct 24, 2019

“Brad and Benny Make a Bet” is a new romantic comedy and 4th film produced by Mars3045 and directed by Adolfo Latorre. Come join us in laughter with this new upbeat style of comedy as we watch Brad (Lorenzo Bread) and Benny (Adolfo) navigate through relationships while getting into hilarious situations. Brad is the consummate bachelor. He is brash, witty and speaks with brevity, whether he is courting the ladies or giving advice to friends. Benny, Brad’s best friend and roommate is the hopeless romantic who’s fidelity is tested when his long time girlfriend Bri (Tiana Block) has to travel for work after getting a promotion. Brad thinks Benny is wasting his time in his relationship. In order to prove to Benny that there is a better way to live he initiates a bet to challenge Benny’s ability to bed more women than him. In time Benny meets Nina (Rudee Partee) and remember what it’s like to share positive energy with someone. Will Brad win the bet and see Benny move on or will Benny faithfully await Bri’s homecoming?