Jaap Blonk presents Yappiscope

Nov 17, 2016

Jaap Blonk started his career as a vocal performer in the early 1980s with performances of Dada sound poetry; soon after this, he discovered his powerful capacity for (and the great freedom in) improvisation.

Over the years he’s created a huge repertoire of his own, which he performs around the world. More recently, Blonk added live electronics to his sound palette, and he now combines both voice and electronics with visuals, in his most spectacular show ever.

YappiScope contains an overview of Jaap’s oeuvre, including “projected scores” of his sound poems with simultaneous live performance. These veritable vocal steeplechases include visuals generated in real time by live sounds, new short videos, a live improvised sound track to a silent abstract film,  a live improvised sound track to an historic surrealist film, a beautiful multi-media work entitled Traces of Speech, and  the incredible sounds produced with Jaap’s “cheek synthesizer” technique, seen in extreme close-up.