Laurel & Hardy’s Way Out West

Jan 20, 2019

Leading up to the opening the new film, Stan & Ollie, we figured it was a good time to revisit two Laurel and Hardy’s strongest features, Sons of the Desert and Way Out West. Both films were recently restored by UCLA.

In what half of their fans consider their best feature, Stan and Ollie arrive in Brushwood Gulch to deliver the deed to a gold mine that was bequeathed to a prospector’s daughter. After being tricked out of it by nefarious saloon keeper Jimmie Finlayson (the man who taught Homer Simpson to say “D’oh!”), the two tenderheels must retrieve the deed and rescue the rightful heiress. Endlessly entertaining, with Rosina Lawrence, Sharon Lynne, Stanley Fields and the boys’ legendary soft-shoe to “At the Ball, That’s All” and duet of “Trail of the Lonesome Pine.” Both Laurel and Hardy cited this film as their personal favorite.