Mark Hosler Boops! Dame Darcy Reads!

Jan 17, 2019

Mark takes a break from his Negativland duties to perform live and solo using a performance set-up built around various homemade one-of-a-kind electronic noise making devices (including two of Negativland’s original “Boopers”). In these performances Mark creates an engaging and musical soundscape performance with devices that are intentionally unstable analog feedback boxes. Sometimes sounding like insane, alien, electronic insects fighting each other, the Boopers create a non-linear dynamic “living” system of sound for Mark to interact with that ends up being a performance dynamic where the musician is a fellow collaborator with the devices, encouraged to converse instead of merely transmit. The Boopers used in this show go way back to 1975, when Negativland founding member David Wills created the first one, adding multiple transistors to a simple FM radio receiver, and sending its output back into its input. Various knobs control the amount of signal through the transistors, but the sound that emerges remains wildly variable, and incredibly fun to listen to. Using multiple Boopers (all based on Wills’s original design) and other homemade electronics as primary sound sources, Mark manipulates and augments the raw sound sources into a choral rainforest of pure electronic ear candy, erasing any easy distinction between the machine and the human. He might also rock out a little bit, too.

Recent performances of this show at the Stanford Electronic Music Center, ISEA Fest in Sydney Australia, Cafe Oto in London, the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle have been very well received.

Dame Darcy will be doing select readings from Hi Jax & Hi Jinx,her autobiography graphic novel, published by Feral House 2019 , and her new dark wave psychedelic album ElectRococo.

Mermaid Queen, Sea Captain, Doll Crafting Witch, Film Maker and Musician, over 100 titles of Dame Darcy’s comix and graphic novels are published internationally for 3 decades .

After spending years in NYC and LA, DD is currently based in Savannah, running her mail order online publishing business.

Regularly producing (among other things) the Mermaid Gold Edition Tarot and Queen Alice Tarot decks as well as the Dame Darcy Witch Calendar traditionally released every Halloween.

Starting in the 90s zine scene, Eisner Award nominated Meat Cake Bible, published by Fantagraphics spans her career as cartoonist, writer, and illustrator and has an attached feature film with plans to release a haunted house immersive art theme hotel, Meat Cake Manor.

She has had the honor to work with greats such as Alan Moore, Tori Amos, Anna Sui, Jared Gold, Holt, DC, Marvel, Penguin and others.

Local turntablist Jay Peele (DJ Shatter Wax) will be spinning some rekkids before and in between sets.

Tickets are $10 for Adults and $5 for Students