Jul 19, 2017

What do you get when you put three of horror’s greatest talents together to create an homage to the legendary EC comics that they grew up on? The answer would be CREEPSHOW, one of the greatest Fright Flicks of all time. Stephen King(The Langoliers/Sleepwalkers/Thinner), George Romero(Night of the Living Dead, The Dark Half), and Tom Savini(Friday the 13th, Maniac) team up to scare to scare the pants off of you, and hopefully squeeze a ghoulish giggle out of you as well! With an amazing cast (Ted Danson, Leslie Nielsen,  Adrienne Barbeau, and Fritz Weaver to name a few) and some of the genre’s raddest practical effects, CREEPSHOW remains one of the most creative, innovative, beautiful and (HELL YES) scary horror movies to ever terrorize the big screen. Come party with us at SCREAM HOUSE on JULY 19th as we summon this iconic classic in 35MM! 

P.S. We have some truly amazing prizes for those who put in the extra effort and dress up/cosplay! We want to see your passion, ghouls! Start studying up on your Stephen King trivia knowledge, and you may just walk away with a pack of FRIGHT FLICKS bubble gum cards from the 1980’s!-GVVL