Sun-Ray Writers’ Workshop

Sep 12, 2015

workshop (noun): a class or group setting for writers to critique and receive critiques on a written work. “I’m excited to go to Sun-Ray’s baller-ass new workshop this Saturday!”

workshop (verb): to give/receive critiques and notes on a written work. “I’m going to workshop the shit out of this script.”

Hannah Thompson and Sun-Ray Cinema present the first ever Sun-Ray Cinema Writers’ Workshop. Participants will learn how to develop, critique, and perfect scripts. At the end of six weeks, writers will have developed two to three polished short scripts or one feature length script.

Writers and filmmakers are encouraged to bring a printed script already written or in progress (let’s kick it old school, no digital copies please!!). BUT, as getting started is often the hardest part, participants are not required to bring a script. Bring an idea, an outline, or nothing at all but that brainstorming pen and paper.
Character development, story, dialogue, and action (among other fun movie-writin’ stuff) will be explored by watching and analyzing scenes, reading screenplays and articles, and workshopping the shit out of your scripts.

Scheduling and Tuition Information
Workshops will be held Saturdays from 11AM – 1PM from September 12th through October 17th. Writers are encouraged to attend the full series, as to meet and form relationships with other local writers and, who knows, maybe find the Joel to your Ethan Cohen, the Tiny Fey to your Amy Poehler. If getting those relationships with possible future crew members and writing buds doesn’t appeal to you (or if you, like, actually have lots of things to do), writers are very welcome to attend just individual sessions any week.
$15 per workshop or $75 for six weeks
First Time Discount — $60 for six weeks

About the Facilitator
Hannah is a passionate writer, aspiring filmmaker, and avid Netflix-watcher. She studied Creative Writing and Film at Florida State University, where she also joined IronZoo Productions for the production of the webseries Chronos. Since the age of five – directing her parents to act out scenes from The Lion King and other 90’s Disney classics – she has embraced her innate desire to make movies. She found a home in Austin, Texas where she interned for the Austin Film Society, and worked on the marketing team of the Sundance Selects film Hellion. Here, she also wrote, directed, and edited the short film A Place to Visit.