Feb 6, 2018

“One of the great beauties of the series is that practically everyone can relate to the idea of the one that got away. At the end of Before Midnight, there is a dedication to Amy Lehrhaupt. Linklater met her in a toyshop in Philadelphia just after he’d made his directorial debut Slacker. They spent the night walking and talking and this became the inspiration for the series. In reality they swapped numbers, but after a few letters and phone conversations, they lost contact. It was back when Mark Zuckerberg was still in his long shorts. Three years ago, Linklater discovered Lehrhaupt had died in a motorcycle accident on 9 May, 1994. Just one month before Celine and Jesse met.”

Join Celine and Jesse in Richard Linklater’s time-traveling romance, The Before Trilogy in Feb.

Before Sunrise Feb 6th 7p.m.
Before Sunset Feb 13th 7p.m.
Before Midnight Feb 20th 7p.m.

$15 (plus tax) available for all three films.