Jul 11, 2014 — Jul 17, 2014

Girls Rock Jacksonville have been working towards leveling the rawk-n-roll playing field by empowering girls and young women to pick up a guitar, drum stick or mic. They just wrapped up a crowd-surfin’ campaign to raise funds for much needed gear and to increase camper scholarships.

While the crowd-surfin’ is over  we will be opening a film on JULY 11TH, WE ARE THE BEST!, that centers around a group of rag tag young women who pick up guitars,mics and drums with no formal training and start a BAND to deal with their frustrations. We will be droppin’ TWO BUCKEROOS in the Girls Rock Jacksonville bucket for every ticket sold to this “messy” and “urgent” film that is currently sitting at an impressive 96% on the Rotten Tomatoes. So take a moment and learn a bit more about their organization here! http://girlsrockjacksonville.org/