– The Perfect Dish – (Directed by TL Westgate and Dale Metz)
– SURPRISE SCREENING brought to you by Duane A. Sikes and L. Gustavo Cooper
– Curtain of Secrecy – (Directed by Ramona Ramdeen)
– The Slice of Life – (Directed by Adam Madrid)
– The Most Pretentious Film Ever: Memories from Smith Hall – (Directed by Tyler Smith)
– Gynecologist: The Musical – (Directed by Andy Byrd and Korie McLeod)
– Rage – (Directed by Royce Freeman)
– Bad Interview – (Directed by Kristian Gore)
– Pigi and Oink – (Directed by Pigi and Oink)
– Leaving Town – (Directed by Patrick Moser)
– Ground Zero – (Directed by Trey Vollmer)
– Fools – (Directed by Mario Scott and Kamryn Sheffield)
– Static – (Directed by Justin Suttles