– Two nights! • A different film each night! 7p.m. $30 a show or $45 for both

Walk the Dark Street screens Sept 5th

In this off-beat action drama, a big-game hunter is obsessed with getting revenge upon the Army officer whom he believes caused his brother to suffer a fatal heart attack. The hunter challenges the offending officer to a strange duel involving specially designed camera guns.

The Choppers Sept 6th

In this crime drama, a young speed demon drives himself down the road to ruin. The trouble starts when the teen starts a car-theft ring and enlists the aid of pals to help him. They call themselves the Choppers and soon get into hot water with a determined insurance investigator.

The Mads! Live Movie-Riffing with “TV’s Frank” Conniff and Trace Beaulieu from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Join MST3K’s Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu at the Sun Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, FL for an evening of fun and laughter as they screen some endearingly bad films and roast them, live-and-in-person, in the same style as their classic TV series.  Ticket price includes meet and greet event, photos, and autographs.

If this show were rated it would probably be PG-13, but keep in mind it is a live show so anything could happen!