“The best documentary takes our misconceptions and shows us the truth. Who Let the Dogs Out does this by taking a pop song and delivering a treatise on the very nature of art. “-Matthew Razak

The story behind the ubiquitous one-hit-wonder “Who Let the Dogs Out?” is fascinating, elaborate, and even controversial. Dissatisfied by a sloppy Wikipedia entry about the song, cultural curator Ben Sisto spent eight years researching its origin, culminating in a traveling DIY Ted Talk explaining his findings. It is during a stop in Seattle, where the song exploded as an anthem for the Seattle Mariners, that documentarian Brent Hodge joins Sisto to reveal the many branches of the song’s family tree. Traveling the world, they work backwards from the Grammy-winning Bahamian group Baha Men to the American producer who discovered the song on a mixtape, to the British ex-punk hairdresser who made said mixtape, to the original Trinidadian songwriter who claims he wrote the song as a female-empowerment anthem, to his brother-in-law who discovered the hook at a Canadian radio station, to two young rappers from Jacksonville, Florida…and on and on. With conflicting narratives, multiple cover versions, and evidence of this unstoppable earworm’s existence continuing to stretch into the past, we may never truly know who let the dogs out, but as Sisto says, “It belongs to pop culture at this point. In a way, we’ve all let the dogs out.”-Clinton McClung

Writer/researcher Ben Sisto, legendary Jacksonville producer Mamado and one half of Miami Boom Productions Joe Gonzalez will be on hand to introduce and chat after the screening. Proceeds will be donated to the relief effort in the Bahamas